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After having a baseball cap embroidered with the panther logo for myself, Kii Wii Clothing have advised me that they can embroider the emblem on a range of clothing items.

With the coming book launch of “Birth of the Black Panther”, I thought this would be an ideal time to promote the site and give everyone the opportunity to be able to wear something showing a connection with the squadron.
Eric & Black Panther2

This is not really a sales pitch from me, as I will have no financial gain from it, but just another way to keep the history of the squadron alive.

W/O. Eric Clegg (90) and his son Colin Clegg proudly wearing the Black Panther cap (01.04.12) Thanks For the photos Colin.
Eric & Colin

KiiWii C

Major Harry Hoffe D.F.C (95) proudly wearing his cap at home in South Africa (21.04.12)

Gus Ardeline 95 years old 152 squadron

Group Captain Paul (Gus) Ardeline D.F.C (95) at his Birthday party in Canada (01.06.12)

152 Squadron Clothing 2012

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As you can see from the above, we can offer a range of products at fantastic prices to anyone who would be interested in 152 squadron.

 And if someone wants something not listed above we are able to normally obtain other garments to meet other needs.

Please contact Keith or David for further details e-mail :



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