Stewart from Telford UK made this great 1:72 scale model of UM-D (Counter Attack) useing a Hasegawa spitfire 1 kit and1 x Spitfire Mk II LR conversion kit (the fuel tank + decals) and 1 x Spitfire Mk II conversion set (the Rotol propeller and Coffman starter bulge) from


Dave from Scotland made this great model. Tamiya 1/32 MkVIII, Eduard interior and exterior PE, Barracuda rocker covers, interior and seat, Mastercaster weighted wheels, Mastercasters Figure, Montex masks and Hobbydecal stencils.


Some photos of a radio controlled Mk 1 Spitfire in 152 Sqn colours. I built the 68" wingspan model from plans by Brian Taylor, a well known scale model designer at the 1980's. It had a 15cc super tiger engine, retractable U/C and working flaps. It flew like the real thing. Cheers John James (152 1959/61)

MK11(LR): Kit is the Tamiya Spitfire 1 modifed to a Mk 11 with the addition of the started bulge on the nose. Cockpit canopy has been replaced by a vacform from Falcon. The long range tank was scratchbuilt from plastic card. Decals from the kit and Modeldecal.

MK V111: Kit is the Hasegawa Spitfire V111 in 1/72 scale. It has a fully detailed cockpit and the canopy is replaced by a vacform item from Falcon. The decals are a mishmash from several sources, with the panther emblem coming from an Aeromaster sheet.

 Modeller for both models UM-R & UM-E, Mr Len Thomson (UK)

As promised a couple of photographs of 4ft 6inch wingspan model of my brothers Leonard Alfred “Smithy” Smith D.F.M. MKV111 Spit UM-C MT982 he flew in Burma. Regards William S Smith.   Profiles Of A Few

Larry From Peoria, Arizona USA. Sent in two great pictures of this Mk X1Ve, Its a 1/48 scale HobbyCraft of Canada kit. The decals are from Aeromaster. Larry clipped the wings, and added metal tubing cannon barrels and exhaust pipes, a rear veiw mirror, seat belts, and a brass screen for the radiators.


Dave from Minnesota USA. Built this 1/5th scale MkX1V Spit it has a 45cc petrol engine up front. Weighs about 25 pounds and has a 90 inch wingspan. Its painted in SEAC markings. The scale propeller is only for static display

Philippe Arnaud From Paris, France. The model is the Academy 1/48 spit MkX1Ve. It was built more or less out of the box. The only addition were photoetched seats belts, hand made navigation lights from clear plastic and a bit scratch building in the gun bay. Decals came from various Aeromaster sheets, paint was my own mix, all colours were sprayed and post shading was used for the weathering.

Polly Singh from India A Academy Mk XIVe in the markings of Sqn Ldr G Kerr’s 152 sqn (East India) RAF based at Double Moorings in 1945. The decals are exchanged with the Mk VIII, but the sharp amongst you will be able to catch the UM-C instead of the UM-G that he had on his Mk XIVe LF. Please checkout Polly’s website, please click Here


A model of a 152 Sqn Spitfire Mk.VIII, UM-C

 flown by the CO Sqn Ldr Kerr DFC by Tony O`Tool

Many thanks to Stewart, Len, Bill, Larry, Dave, Philippe, Polly, Tony, and John. If you want to see your pictures here please get in touch. THANKYOU. E-Mail


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